Coat from Christian Dior Tarot Collection

Coat from Christian Dior Tarot Collection

This is an article that was written in January,2013 and it represents an example of Tarot Profile Chart that I usually give to show what it looks like.


I decided to make a serie of several Psychological Tarot Profiles to give you an idea of possibilities of this great method. On the basis of the date of birth we can understand what energies affect you during your life, what talents and abilities you have, what is your mission, what should you do to make your life happier. Here you could read more about The Psychological Tarot Profile method by Alla Alicja Chrzanowska.

A quick look at the Tarot Profile picture can grasp a sense in a whole, to get a brief description of the person, of his/her character , but to go deeply into the Personal Tarot Profile, considering all the 37 known at present positions could take hours and even days ))).

Let me give you an example of a Psychological Tarot Profile interpretation, given as a part of free readings at one of the sites more than a year ago. Not all the positions were considered there, at that time I did not know so much. ))) So this person knew that the information could be shared and one of the condition of participation in this free campaign was to write comments. So I place here my interpretation of Jaya’s Psychological Profile and her comments too. Enjoy the possibilities of the method! )
So, here is what I wrote about Jaya, on the basis of the received date of birth (I didn’t even take any tarot deck in my hands to know all that, but of course, to interprete the Psychological Tarot Profile you should have deep knowledge of Major Arcanas including special things working in the profile. There is also the possibility to read the profile with Minor Arcanas too, but it was not considered in this case):
Jaya, your profile is challeging, not simple. As a child, you will most likely have been a sickly child, often having cold. There could be problems with legs – all sorts of injuries. You could play music from your childhood and you were able to see the world in a different way, not like others do. You could have your own world and you liked it. You may have seen something that others do not see, such as spirits. You liked to think, to meditate, if we can refer this word to a child. Time flowed differently for you too. The death of a family member could make a lasting impression on you. You could have complexes about your family, you could not take something there right, thought about injustice. Who raised you? I could see no mom or dad for some reason. Perhaps in your chart other factors are highlighted.

Hello, Candy, thank you for the work done. =) Comments.
There were enough diseases in my early childhood, then it’s gone. I was making music (vocal + play), and it was the quality of not this life… Spirits, reflection, meditation – yes, it was, could not live another way. Family is another story) All that was, in my view, not a family, I was alone, regardless of the physical presence of others. Parents are still alive, but they have not rised me. As parents, in that capacity, they never did. Mother quickly went to another family, I stayed with my dad, but he did not bring up as a father. This was different. He taught to feel the energy, to communicate with the sun, to see the life in the forest and so on. It was, rather, a partnership, and I see it as something similar in spirit, but it is not love the child to the father, it’s completely other feelings.

The Card of Psychic Harmony – is also 12 Arcana, The Hanged Man. You already have it in the position of childhood. You feel harmonious, you relax when doing meditation, contemplation, prayer (by the way, your prayers will sooner reach to the God, Lord or the Universe (as you call it) than those of any other people, so they can ask you to pray for them, the result may come quicker than with their prayers). This is your method of charging the battery life. You feel good when you listen to your inner voice, when you understand your own feelings, emotions, desires and aspirations and those of other people.
Pay attention to your health, especially in the lower part of the digestive system and urinary system.
Now you are under the influence of the Justice Arcana. This Card has a good energy potential, about equal to the Sun. You have a double Justice in your Tarot Profile too, and plus the Judgement is in the point of the fears and complexes, hidden in the subconscious and at the same time Judgement is your mission too. Moreover, it is also the way of karma work (want you or do not want to – as it should). So you must study and work on it, develop appropriate attitude to your parents, relatives and friends. You need to learn all you can about your family ( you can build your family tree), you should find your roots and find their place in your life. And your goal is to support and assist your family. To develop your own proper system of values, to work on your sense of justice, both internal and external, to learn to maintain internal balance. You have to work out your karmic debts, you must comply universal rules and regulations to conduct your affairs in such way that nobody could accuse you of dishonesty or crime. You need to be sensitive to all forms of injustice and not to ignore such cases. And remain in equilibrium.

Yes, the problem is related to the family, there is such a case, but I do not want to do it. I understand that it is necessary, I feel the impulse of our family’s egregore, and there maybe would be some kind of my development and movement ahead, but I do not want to be involved in it: it will bring me a level of lack of freedom and it’s not in every way I can move then. So … now it is delayed task, perhaps to the days until I can understand how can I deal with it without damage to myself. Family … It’s a burden. I help them and drag this spaceship somewhere)) But this does not develop them. So the question of whether I should help …))
A sense of justice … It is a problem)) is not a question of personal development of this quality – inside me it is in solid form, the problem is in correlation with the outside world – it is different. There are different laws of existence and survival in this world, and they are far from both the justice and the mercy. Harmony – it is basic to what it is necessary to come to.
“You have to be sensitive to all forms of injustice and not to ignore such cases. And still be in balance. “- I think I should already stop doing this, get away from that at all. Inside me there is love, help, pull, no matter from which of the low levels and who to pull, but … now I feel that something in it is wrong for me, for me today. Certainly, it gives me the Force. But what it gives to whom I help? .. I think that … If look in the future, I bring harm rather than benefit throght help.

To implement your mission, you are given the Temperance energy. It means you are given the gift to find a way out of difficult situations and bring them into balance, making it more comfortable rather strained relationship, to bring harmony and peace in your surroundings. You are Mediator – harmonizer. Temperance is a card of soft gradual transformation, alchemy, and then you need patience. By the way, the other people you see posessing this quality and most likely on a subconscious level may expect your help. You also have this card in your karmic profile. So it comes of your past life. In extreme conditions, you also show these qualities manifesting themselves.

“You are Mediator – harmonizer. Temperance is a card of soft gradual transformation, alchemy, and then you need patience. By the way, the other people you see in this quality and most likely on a subconscious level may expect you to help them. Map of moderation do you have in the karmic portrait. So it is more of a past life. In extreme conditions, you also have these qualities manifest themselves. “- Yes, it is.

How to work with your mission in this incarnation – or to establish good relationship with your mother, or/and become yourself a very good mother, take care of those in need. Deal with esoteric, tarot, protect nature, take care of the animals, of the environment.

– Spirituality, tarot, nature and animals – yes, I deal with it. The question of motherhood it is not for me – I decided to go other way in this life, but you’re right – it was initially supposed to be.

In your inner Profile you have two feminine cards (two of Justice that you need to work), and 4 neutral – so you need to find a balance between the masculine and feminine in you. Male and female energies must be distributed in a woman and in man too) in a graceful harmonious proportions.

The balance between the male and female parts is some unsolvable problem for me)), I intentionally do something about it for several years, but it turns out not in the way I want. Either a man or a woman, there is no balance. If I give the right to live one part of me, the second immediately dies. And all of them contain qualities, and I don’t want to lose them. So … It is difficult with this)

The card of your karmic comfort . To work out your karmic debts you need to learn how to build and maintain relationships with people, starting with your family and ending government institutions. You don’t need to impose your point of view to people, to destroy everything that does not fit your view of the world. And you should not feel offended by those who don’t agree with your opinion. Try to find a solution that would be acceptable to all.

I’m not easy not to impose an opinion … I am able and I can to negotiate, but I do not like it. Something inside me rebel against it, because it’s not … It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try. There is pure, not blurred quality, no matter what it is. Every man has his essence, his inner present part that has no relationship to the current personality. And I like it, and I want to interact with this one, exactly. And what I see around me … swamp)). It is not in a negative connotation)) No) In a heap of situations,emotions people do not show unalloyed component of themselves, and I don’t want to negotiate and build stable relations with this. I am ready to look for an option that will suit everybody only when I see a Real man or woman. But not everyone would like and is able to show their Spirit, so … So meanwhile I am not agree with me on this subject ))

In your “Autumn” age (all life is divided into 3 parts, this is the third one) , you will live under 22 Arcana influence (Age limits are conditional, some people in their 40 are like a child). This is the card of spontaneity and trust to the world, you can start from scratch/ At this time the issue of fairness in dealing with children could be illuminated. You can appreciate your independence. Fair / unfair choices would be important to you in your life . Do not take things too seriously, learn to laugh at yourself. Look at life as a game. Having such card we can also talk about later children or early grandchildren, it is possible that you would help to sit with grandchildren or other children too.

I learned to look at life as a game (it seemed a good choice at some point in life), but this has not led to good, now I think, what to do with it, because the changes was not as I would like them to have.

Hidden talents and abilities, spiritual helpers – 6 Arcana, The Lovers – so you have the ability to choose, to make decisions regardless of how complex the situation is. So I hope you discover it in yourself. You can share your love in a global sense. You have also a propensity to trade, mediation and assistance. After a while, you may suddenly discover a talent to make life more beautiful, ex. interior design, flowers and so on.

Ability to make decisions – yes, I have it, about love – also right (there is such a mechanism … when you give it away, passed through the self and the world, it becomes not less love, but more and more… I’m not sure, but I think that the current is born in a man, such kind of generator: launch, unroll like a nuclear reaction))

According to your Psychological Tarot Profile you could be a good lawyer, you could work in the field of education.

Educational field- I tried and left it, as well as psychology too, I worked with the children – I like it, I learned a lot from them, but the structure of education in Russia is a kind of mockery of the children, in general, and I could not bear it)

Point of fixation, the rake (we have in russian such a good expression – to step on rakes when you should learn the lesson but again come to the similar situation). So this point shows what the life returns to you periodically – there could be sutuation where you should excersise your intuition, you could have prophetic dreams. But there may be situations in which you are immersed in your dreams and not implementing them to reality, do not apply your insights to life. Again, the problem is to find the right proportions between the male and female principle; you will be in situations where you should take care other people, you may have to be a nurse, to take care of someone. It is necessary to work out it, or it would continue on the rise.

Out of your mind is your leadership, your inner power – the power, performance and responsibility. This is what you have, and you can not appreciate it or underestimate it.
You need to adapt to the changing conditions of life, trying to be in the center of the wheel of fortune in balance – this is your main task and responsibility.

‘Power, performance and responsibility. This is what you have, and you can not appreciate or underestimated. “- I’m just trying to get away from that a little bit, because people find it difficult to exist near me with my level.

This is only a small part of information that could be learned about a person by using the method of The Psychological Tarot Profile by Alla Alicja Chrzanowska having only the date of birth and Tarot Majors. The method is really perfect and I am sure that it could help more people around the world to make their life better!