What is my life purpose

Understanding your life purpose

Many people who are interested in spirituality often ask themselves what is their purpose in life and why did they come to Earth. I definitely was searching for these answers for a while. I tend to believe that we come to Earth to learn certain lessons. And I wanted to know what specific lessons I was working on learning in my life. Somehow, it was important for me to have more clarity about my life lessons. And I definitely wanted to understand better if I am succeeding in those lessons or not at all.

Most of us know what areas of our lives are the most important and, sometimes, also the most difficult to us. Usually, if we struggle with a certain area of life, it might mean there is probably a lesson that our soul is trying to learn in that area. Intuitively, I knew approximately what I was probably trying to learn in life based on my struggles. However, I would often feel uncertain, overwhelmed, and lost in my search of life purpose and meaning in life. I would often doubt myself. And I felt I needed more clear answers.

I appreciate that there are many methods that can help us to find more clarity about our life purpose. I’ve studied a lot of them. Many of them are based on the belief that our date of birth has the answers to the questions we might ask about our strengths, talents, challenges, and more importantly, our main lessons in life, our life purpose.

My introduction to the Psychological Portrait/Profile by Alla Alicja Chrzanowska started three years ago. I became quite enthusiastically interested in this method right away because it can answer so many questions about a person life. It can say exactly what a person is working on learning as their main life lesson, life purpose. I definitely received a confirmation about the lessons that I was already intuitively working on. I could see that I already made some progress on some important lessons. And it was quite reassuring. But at the same time, I discovered I was ignoring some other areas on my learning path. They were areas in which I had a lot of struggles and, it looked like, I didn’t necessarily want to explore those areas too much because they’ve been challenging and overwhelming.

It was extremely helpful to receive the confirmation about the lessons in which I was already somewhat successful. And surprisingly, it was especially helpful for me to have more clarity about the reasons why I had certain challenges and difficulties in life and how to work on them. I would say, it’s still not easy to go through the lessons my soul is trying to learn but it’s been more comforting to know what exactly I am trying to learn.

If you are like me and you are searching for more clarity about your life purpose and about your life, reach out to us. In International Center of Psychological Portrait, we have many consultants who can help you with getting answers to your questions about your life purpose and many other important questions you might have about yourself and your life. We can answer your questions about love relationships and compatibility, family, work, money, health, your talents and challenges. We can help you understand how to overcome the challenges and how to be more successful in working on your life purpose. We do consultations online and in person and our consultants speak several different languages.

Jenya Veren, Psychological Portrait Consultant