Alla Alicja Chrzanowska (Białystok, Poland)
Alla Alicja Chrzanowska (Białystok, Poland)The Mastermind and the Teacher of the Center, the author of the methodology of Psychological Portrait
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Alla Alicja Chrzanowska is a Polesie witch, tarologist, runologist, psychologist, esoteric, natural magician, author of more than 50 books on Tarot, Runes, Magic and Esoteric.
Author of the Methodology of Psychological Portrait based on Tarot Archetypes, Runic Portrait, Personality Matrix
Irina Matyulkova (Minsk, Belarus)
Irina Matyulkova (Minsk, Belarus)Head of the Psychological Portrait International Center
Certified teacher of Psychological Portrait (methodology of Alla Alicja Chrzanowska), psychologist-consultant on the psychological portrait, matrix of destiny (next level of Psycological Tarot Portrait method), tarologist, astropsychologist.

Lucky Life Consultant (Chinese Metaphysics: Bazi, Date Selection, Qi Men Dun Jia Activations of luck )

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Zhenya Veren
Zhenya VerenPsychological Portrait International Center Coordinator
Therapist, Psychological Profile Consultant, USA

Our Students are our proud! Belarus

Irina Lalaeva
Irina LalaevaConsultant, Gomel
Anna Bosarevskaya
Anna BosarevskayaConsultant, Minsk
Anna Sinatorova
Anna SinatorovaConsultant, Minsk


Julia Shakirova
Julia ShakirovaConsultant and Teacher, Moscow
Svetlana Kirillova
Svetlana KirillovaConsultant, Krasnodar
Mikhail Samadurov
Mikhail SamadurovConsultant, Krasnodar
Elena Pigaleva
Elena PigalevaConsultant, Moscow
Olga Primak
Olga PrimakConsultant, Moscow
Ekaterina Grigirovskaja
Ekaterina GrigirovskajaConsultant, Tula


Lina Bartkiene
Lina Bartkiene Consultant and Teacher, Vilnius
Antuanete Surgailiene
Antuanete SurgailieneConsultant and Teacher, Kaunas
Jūratė Kazlaus
Jūratė KazlausConsultant, Kaunas


Elena Spiridonova-Vygnanyuk
Elena Spiridonova-VygnanyukConsultant, Odessa
Elena Spiridonova-Vygnanyuk
Elena Spiridonova-VygnanyukConsultant, Odessa


Zhenya Veren
Zhenya VerenConsultant, Las-Vegas


Maria Macontré
Maria MacontréConsultant, UK


Varvara Cybulka
Varvara CybulkaConsultant, Germany


Oksana Batova
Oksana BatovaConsultant and Teacher, Netherlands