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Come to my ONLINE Webinars and ONLINE Courses

I will be glad to be your Guide in learning Psychological Profile.  During 6 years I teach the Method of Alicja Chrzanovska ONLINE and my students have perfect results in their studies.   Now I decided to give my lessons in English as I am sure that this perfect methos shoud be well-known abroad. It really worth it and you will definitely agree with me  later 🙂

If you would like to see the possibilities of this method before starting learning, you could order a consultation. You should have a question or problem that you would like to resolve.  Working with your psychological profile I give you the answer  and you will see how the method works.  Learn more 

 Psychological Profile in your country

I see my mission in spreading the information about this revolutionary method all over the world.   So if your are interested in live courses,  you could write me and we ‘ll see when we could do it. Only 19 people in the world have the licence to teach the method as Alicja is very scrupulous in this matter.  Unfortunately nobody teaches Psychological Profile in English. So you are on the right way 😉

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I also sometimes publish  materials on the social networks. There you could also see some photos on my personal life and professional trips.

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